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Primary ELECTION: August 1st, 2017

The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family!

This guide only contains races that will be on your August 1st Primary Ballot. We will update the guide for the general election.

Snohomish County Council

Snohomish County Council, District #1

Ray Miller

Ray Miller photo
Ray Miller is a longtime leader in Snohomish County who is running for Snohomish County Council Position 1. Miller is an active veteran and Tuskegee Airman who has dedicated his life to helping veterans return to civilian life through housing and health care services. He has served the community in many other capacities as well, including his roles as the Co-Chair of the Snohomish County Homeless Day Committee, Snohomish County Charter Review Commission for District 1, Snohomish County Human Rights Commission, and appointment to the Washington State Salaries Commission by Governor Inslee. Miller seeks to leverage his service as a mental health counselor to combat addiction and homeless in Snohomish County, as well as balance new housing and development with rural areas.

His opponents Chris Ihler, incumbent Nate Nehring, and Robert Sutherland are conservatives who support a range of policies from regressive taxes to cutting business regulations. Ray Miller's exemplary service to the community has earned him your vote for Snohomish County Council.

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Snohomish County Council, District #5

Kristin Kelly

Kristin Kelly photo
Kristin Kelly is the former Snohomish County Program Director at Futurewise, a land use and conservation advocacy organization, and is currently working as the Smart Growth Executive Director for the Pilchuck Audubon Society. She is also a former Snohomish County Charter Review Commissioner for District 5. Kelly is focused on environmental protections issues; she serves on the Executive Committee of the Sustainable Lands Strategy, which restores wildlife and salmon habitats along the Skykomish, Snohomish, and Stillaguamish River basins and estuaries. She supports living wage jobs, preserving farmland, housing for all income levels, a fully funded public health budget, and using tourism money instead of timber sales to fund schools.

Kelly is running against conservative Samuel Low and activist Tara Schumacher. Schumacher founded the Maltby Citizens Coalition, and has volunteered with numerous nonprofits. She wants to develop more transit than what's planned through Sound Transit 3 and develop non-criminal rehabilitation responses to homelessness and addiction.

We believe Kelly is the best choice in this race because of her broad progressive support and experience with public policy.

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City of Everett Mayor

Everett Mayor

There are two good candidates in this race: Brian Sullivan and Cassie Franklin. Sullivan has earned broader support from progressive advocates and is the best choice for Mayor of Everett.

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan photo
Brian Sullivan is running for mayor on an extremely long record of public service. At the age of 23, he was elected to the Mukilteo City Council and became mayor of Mulkiteo at age 29. He was a representative in the Washington House of Representatives for six years, as well as a board member on the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and several other organizations and nonprofits. He is currently a Snohomish County Council member. Sullivan aims to increase home ownership in Everett, fully staff the Everett Police Department, and move forward on the Riverfront Project.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

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Cassie Franklin

Cassie Franklin photo
Cassie Franklin is running for mayor with a history of community service, especially on homelessness issues. An Everett City Council member since 2015, she serves on Everett's Streets Initiative Task Force for chronically homeless people. She supports upgrades to the city's water and wastewater systems, ensuring that businesses are responsible for environmental cleanup, increasing homeownership rates, and creating a Small Business Advisory Council. In addition to her roles in local government, Franklin has worked with organizations like the Puget Sound Runaway and Homeless Youth Collaboration, the Families Matter Vision Council for United Way of Snohomish County, and the Statewide Coordinating Committee on Human Trafficking.

Also running in this race is Everett City Council President Judy Tuohy and Shean Nasin, who is not running a competitive campaign. Sullivan is the best choice in this race because of his strong support from our Progressive Voters Guide partner organizations.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

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Everett City Council

Everett City Council, Position #1

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts photo
Paul Roberts is running for his fourth term on the Everett City Council. He serves as Chair of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency board and on the Sound Transit board. Roberts has worked to expand Everett's naval and Boeing job opportunities, update the city's master shoreline plan, protect the estuaries of the Snohomish River, and work with the Association of Washington Cities Center for Quality Communities to build up green jobs in the city. Roberts is the best choice for Everett City Council Position 2.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Economic Justice: Teamsters Joint Council 28, UFCW 21
Other: Snohomish County Labor Council

Campaign Information

Everett City Council, Position #2

Alex Lark

Alex Lark photo
Alex Lark is a running for Everett City Council Position 2. Lark has worked for Senator Patty Murray as well as former Congressman Brian Baird. Currently he is an Everett Planning Commissioner and the philanthropy manager for Housing Hope, a nonprofit that provides services to help the homeless and make affordable housing a reality. Central to Lark's campaign is his desire to increase affordable housing. He has outlined a plan to encourage diverse housing stock in Everett, develop a sweat equity homeownership program, and create a nonprofit land trust to decrease mortgage costs. He also supports expanding the embedded social worker program and fully staffing the fire department.

His opponent, Jeff Moore, has served on the Everett City Council since 2009 and is currently the Everett School District Executive Finance Director. He voted yes in favor of the controversial aggressive begging ordinance, which makes panhandling a misdemeanor that could result in jail time.

Jordan Marsh, the other candidate in this race, is not running a competitive campaign. Lark is the best choice in this race.

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Everett City Council, Position #3

Jonathan Peebles

Jonathan Peebles photo
Jonathan Peebles works in Shoreline Community College's Global Affairs Center. His campaign is centered on bringing more union jobs to Everett, affordable housing, and crime prevention. He also wants to increase job training opportunities for young people and invest more in programs to reduce homelessness in Everett.

He is running against Libertarian Jennifer Hesse and conservative incumbent Scott Murphy. Hesse holds some progressive viewpoints, such as police accountability, supporting LGBTQ rights, and advancing sustainable solutions like solar panels, but she is opposed to some investments in our community and is not running a viable campaign.

Peebles is the best choice in this race.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Snohomish County Democrats, Snohomish County Young Democrats.

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