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Primary ELECTION: August 1st, 2017

The Progressive Voters Guide compiles the information that allows you to make informed decisions about the races on your ballot, based on your values. Vote in every race on your ballot! It's our right and our responsibility. Please share this guide with your friends and family!

This guide only contains races that will be on your August 1st Primary Ballot. We will update the guide for the general election.

City of Vancouver Mayor

Vancouver Mayor

Anne McEnerny-Ogle

Anne McEnerny-Ogle photo
Anne McEnerny-Ogle has been a Vancouver councilmember since 2013, and is currently Mayor Pro Tem. She has a long record of service to community causes such as Daybreak Youth Services and the Assistance League. As a councilwoman, McEnerny-Ogle has been an advocate for better transportation options through development block grants and green spaces like the Shumway Neighborhood Park. McEnerny-Ogle is running against conservative Steve Cox, who has proposed cutting funding for local homelessness services and first responders. McEnerny-Ogle deserves your vote for mayor of Vancouver.

Campaign Information

Vancouver City Council

Vancouver City Council, Position #1

There are two good candidates running for Vancouver City Council Position 1: Nicolette Horaites and Scott Campbell. Horaites is more progressive than Campbell, though he has bipartisan support and stronger campaign backing.

Nicolette Horaites

Nicolette Horaites photo
Nicoleitte Horaites is a student at Washington State University Vancouver. Her goals, if elected, include a more inclusive local government, addressing affordable housing and homelessness through tiny home communities, and investing in the green economy. Horaites is likely the most progressive candidate in the race, though her lack of fundraising will make it difficult for her to run a competitive campaign.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Campaign Information

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell photo
Scott Campbell is the former president of the Washington State Recycling Association. He has worked with numerous community organizations, including the YMCA, Parks Foundation of Clark County, SW WA Contractors Association, Veterans Therapeutic Court, Fort Vancouver National Trust, and the NW Association of Blind Athletes. Campbell's priorities include waterfront development, working with Clark County on issues of homelessness and affordable housing, and improving transportation infrastructure.

Other candidates for the race are Jacob Kerr, a pro-business, anti-light rail student at WSUV, and Maureen McGoldrick and David Roberts, who are not running competitive campaigns.

Progressive Endorsements & Supporters

Vancouver Firefighters Local 452

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Vancouver City Council, Position #3

Linda Glover

Linda Glover photo
Linda Glover is a former elementary school principal and current Executive Director of the nonprofit Gifts For Our Community. She has served on numerous boards, including Vancouver’s Downtown Association, Learning Avenues Childcare Centers, and the Fort Vancouver National Trust Board of Trustees. Her campaign focuses on working through the structural deficit that makes funding for parks and service departments unsustainable, streamlining the permitting process for small businesses, providing affordable housing and homelessness services, and protecting natural resources. Glover would be a no vote on the Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal and a yes on public bathrooms downtown.

Glover is facing progressives Michelle Beardshear and Vaughn Henderson in the primary election. Henderson is focused on dealing with the opioid epidemic and Beardshear is prioritizing equal access for people with disabilities. We believe Glover is the best choice in this race.

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